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Travel Waxer

Travel Waxer is a brand owned by Inventeur Products AB. The name Inventeur is a combination of Invent and Entrepreneur. The business concept is to develop products and bring them to the market.

The story behind Travel Waxer began in 2007, under the name V-stället, which consisted of a waxing system for cross-country skiing. The idea behind V-stället was formed a couple of years earlier, when founder Thomas Cardenström was unable to find any easily handled ski vises, for a decent price, that could be brought to trainings and competitions. He also saw an unmet need to attach the vises to a regular table.   So, how do you manage to wax your skis in the absence of a table, for example when you are out in the ski trails? The solution came during the winter season of 2012-2013 when a compact waxing bench was launched. In order to fit the waxing bench, the ski vise was slightly modified which allowed for the introduction of an accessory that supported alpine skis.  

The result is a flexible and affordable system for both cross country and alpine skis that fits easily into your ski bag.


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